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I'm getting killed on taxes!

Check out our Contingency Fee Optimization (CFO) Strategy

So, you say that you are getting killed on your taxes....well, you are not alone!  That being said, what can we do about it?  Between Federal, State, local, un-employment tax (yeah, don't forget that one!) it's no wonder that you are feeling that way.  What's worse is that you stand a much better chance of being audited if you have a great year and your income is way up compared to previous year's. Wow...that is a tough pill to swallow!  


Besides fully funding your normal qualified plans (401(k), SEP, Simple etc.) there is nothing else that can be done, right?....WRONG!

What if we could show you a way to defer current income WITHOUT LIMITATIONS and then create TAX-ADVANTAGED and in many cases, TAX-FREE reliable long term income and flexibility for all of your lifetime needs! 


OK...we understand that you may be thinking "to good to be true."  Well, you're right that it is good, but not too good to be true!

In our efforts to assist our contingency compensated attorney clients, we developed the 

ELANA Contingency Fee Optimization (CFO) strategy.  CFO is a proprietary strategy designed specifically to maximize the full value of contingency fees in a highly tax-efficient program. 


CFO tax-free income and eventual death benefit expectations far exceed what other income building programs or investments normally do...and that includes a straight attorney fee structured settlement.

There are no required off-shore accounts, no expensive trust creation and administration issues, and no low interest commitments of other contingency fee programs.



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