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Structured Settlements?...Help!!

Are we experts when it comes to Structured Settlements?...You bet we are!!!

So the defense is recommending a structured settlement for your client's settlement, or, you see your client as a great candidate for the benefits a structured settlement can provide.  OK, now what?  Since a structured settlement is actually part of the settlement itself, you as the attorney have a responsibility to provide accurate and reliable advice to your client.  You certainly don't want to rely solely on the defense broker for your information, that would be like relying solely on the defense team's expert for an accident reconstruction or medical opinion.  

Rely on ELANA Financial & Settlement Architects to provide top rated advice.  Joe Di Gangi is a Certified Financial Planner and President of the largest Settlement Planning Organization in the country, The Society of Settlement Planners.  He has a professional obligation to provide unbiased advice in a fiduciary capacity to you and your client....can't beat that!!

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