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MSA's, Public Benefits...ugh!!!

Is your administrative staff overwhelmed with Medicare compliance issues?  Do you worry that your client may be on public benefits but in all honesty, these issues are a bit complicated and get in the way of your preparing the case for trial?  One more you wish you had a Quarterback to coordinate all the issues including Medicare, Medicaid, how to plan for them or how to use them to your client's advantage in negotiations?  Well, if so please consider giving ELANA a call!  We want to be your starting Quarterback...which is why we refer to our public benefits services as QB1.  Your starting Quarterback to call the plays, coordinate the services, and turn sometimes annoying issues into touchdowns in negotiations!

Public benefits compliance a small part of our overall Litigation Support Services package.  Let us know what you need....we'll move the chains and get the job done!

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