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Help, I've been badly injured...what do I do?

Surround yourself (and your loved ones) with people you can trust!

 You (or possibly a beloved family member) has been catastrophically injured and now your life is changing daily.  This is a very scary and challenging time to say the least!  

The first thing you want to do is surround yourself with people that you trust and who will put your needs in front of their own.  It may start with retaining a great attorney.  If you need a recommendation, let us know....we work with some of the very best in the country!  Next, spend some quality time with a skilled Settlement Architect (somebody that builds settlements) who can work closely with you to design, build and manage a great settlement solution.  

ELANA Settlement Architects are highly saught after experts who've dedicated their professional careers to creating better lives for those catastrophically injured folks like yourself who need our protective brand of settlement planning.  We don't want you to just survive your settlement, we plan to help you thrive in your new life after settlement!

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