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Tell me about Structured Settlements

Should I consider a Structured Settlement for my plan?

If your claim includes any type of future "damages" such as future medical bills, education / re-training needs, or long term income needs, you should probably consider adding a structured settlement to your plan.  

A structured settlement in simple terms matches future damages to future benefits.  This special tax-advantaged ( and in many cases, tax-free) annuity guarantees that very specific benefits will be paid on exact dates...this takes out the mystery and risk normally associated with meeting future obligations.  

Look at the "Settlement Annuity" as the building block that creates a solid foundation for the other planning building blocks inside the plan to rest upon.  As Settlement Architects, we at ELANA look at building a great settlement plan like building a great home.  It starts with a solid design that sits on a solid foundation.  In settlement planning, the structured settlement annuity is quite often that solid foundation!  

We would love to discuss our planning strategies and design ideas with you....please give us a call or send us an email.  We love to hear from our clients and prospective clients!

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