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Asset Protection

From others....and from the government

Ask yourself

  • What happens if I need long term assisted care protection?
  • Do I have a plan if Medicare or other health coverages are not enough?
  • Is my will enough to protect my assets and family?
  • What happens if my I need public assistance for medical I have to spend down most / all of my assets first?
  • How is my health now....what are my choices for protection outside of health / Medicare insurance?
  • Do I have a business interest that needs to be protected in ways that property / casualty insurance just can't do the job?
  • Are there gaps in my property / casualty insurance that can't be plugged with more insurance?
  • Do I want to protect my legacy for generations to come?  What is the best way to do this?
  • I am not married (or my kids aren't married yet) but I want to know how to protect family assets in the event of death or divorce of a current or future do I do this without asking for a pre-nuptual agreement?

If any of these questions sound like something you need to learn more about....we can help! 

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