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  • ELANA is on the forefront of complete comprehensive planning for clients and their legal representatives
  • ELANA professionals are Settlement Architects not sales focused brokers.  We build Settlements with sound foundations, quality material, efficient systems, and long term protection from  outside elements!
  • ELANA is a Boutique Planning Group- very personal in our approach
  • As Certified Financial Planners and members of the Society of Settlement Planners we provide services in a Fiduciary Capacity.  In other words, our clients interests come first!!
  • Our Documents and Agreements- to protect the injured parties and the law firm that represents them.  Nobody else is doing this!
  • On-going Care for Clients LONG After Settlement “Help Ensure that the Settlement Does What it is Intended to do for As Long As It Is Intended to Do it”
  • Level 5 Planning - Our complete planning process that helps us design, build and manage great settlement solutions
  • ELANA E-Life- A customized Elite Lifestyle Plan for our clients
  • Joe Di Gangi- a leader in the settlement planning profession that better protects clients.  President of Society of Settlement Planners 2019-Present.  

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