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Our Story

ELANA (Elite Level 5 Advisor Network Alliance) is a dedicated group of financial and settlement experts offering secure, professional solutions primarily for recipients of catastrophic injury and divorce settlements as well as their attorneys. 

As the premier planning group in the United States dedicated to catastrophically injured parties, ELANA’s clients rely on us to provide sound investment and insurance decisions through all types of market climates and eventualities.

ELANA Financial and Settlement Architects establish and maintain relationships with clients through active management of their settlement proceeds. We understand that while downturns in the market and exceptional demands on a recipient’s finances occur, it does not mean that our clients should have to face these challenges alone. 

ELANA’s settlement plan solutions coordinate with public benefits such as Medicare and Medicaid so that disabled parties, their caretakers and their dependents don’t have to deal with the daunting task of navigating these programs on their own. We work closely with our clients as an advocate for their prosperity as experts, providing case-specific attention to the client’s other advisors.

ELANA embraces the advisor/client dynamic with the fiduciary duty it rightly demands. By invoking the long-term benefits of our recipient relationships, we shun the front-loaded, sales-oriented approach that has led the industry toward cut-rate settlement factoring transactions. Instead, ELANA creates an alignment of incentives with settlement recipients leading to a tailored benefit decision that focus on lifetime value creation and cultivation. 

While shortsighted, commission-based sales forces may overpopulate the landscape presently, looming regulation and industry evolution render ELANA’s customer-centric approach especially prophetic.

ELANA Financial and Settlement Architects are relationship managers who are experts at adding significant value systematically in a fluid, risky environment. They do this by guarding the interests of their client’s financial well-being with the aid of our disruptive business model.  The Level-5™ Planning process employed by ELANA is the brainchild of Joe Di Gangi.  Joe is a  Certified Fiancial Planner with over 30 years experience in the settlement planning, insurance and financial planning industries. Inherent in our planning ethos is the knowledge of our clients’ special circumstances and the refined wisdom that guides our ability to mitigate risk.

Education is the guiding principle behind our policies. Our solutions are not the cookie-cutter variety, but rather, specialized and nuanced recommendations based on evidence and experienced knowledge of the various financial planning products and services available in the marketplace. In this way, we’re able to provide settlement recipients, attorneys, divorcing families, and estate planners (among others), with quality solution and contingency planning advice. It’s the reason the industry tides are turning toward ELANA’s pioneering model of responsible shared-growth solutions.

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