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Our Story

A note from Joe Di Gangi

I am truly delighted to welcome you to ELANA Financial, where our journey has been shaped by passion, purpose, and an unwavering commitment to making a difference in the lives of those who need it most.

I started my career as a litigation supervisor and large case negotiator. I worked for some of the largest property and casualty insurers and self-insured companies worldwide. It was an exhilarating period in my life that equipped me with invaluable negotiation skills and a deep understanding of the intricacies within the property / casualty insurance industry as it related to Personal Injury cases, damages, values, and the players involved.

But life has a way of guiding us down uncharted paths, and my next adventure led me to the streets of Wall Street, New York City. There, I embraced a new role as a Financial Advisor, immersing myself in the dynamic worlds of securities, investments, and insurance. Over time, my dedication culminated in earning the prestigious Certified Financial Planner designation in 1990, a milestone that marked a significant chapter in my career.

However, it was a deeply personal turning point that truly ignited the flame of our mission at ELANA Financial. Becoming the caretaker for my ailing father exposed me to the harsh realities faced by the sick and catastrophically injured. Witnessing their struggles firsthand, and the relentless dedication of Trial Attorneys advocating on their behalf stirred a profound change within me. I knew my professional passion had to be redirected towards those who needed it most – Injured Plaintiffs and the attorneys fighting for their rights.

And so, I embarked on a journey to blend my extensive knowledge of personal injury litigation with a profound understanding of the financial and emotional challenges injured plaintiffs encountered. This fusion led to the birth of the Northeast's first plaintiff-focused Settlement Planning firm. For nearly 25 years, we've provided expert guidance in thousands of cases, both big and small.

My commitment to this cause has driven me to take leadership roles in prominent planning organizations. I proudly served as the President of the Society of Settlement Planners for three years and continue to contribute as a member of their Board of Directors. I also travel nationally, sharing insights and knowledge with Trial Attorneys, Bar Associations, Settlement Planning Associations, and at retiree events.

But what truly sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to solving problems that others deem insurmountable. Whether it's devising nursing home litigation solutions for clients over the age of 65, revolutionizing attorney contingency fee planning for tax-free results, or creating the NextPhase Community as the ultimate online support hub for Injured Plaintiffs, we constantly strive to redefine what's possible, and we aren’t done yet!

Our team at ELANA Financial stands as a testament to our dedication. We've carefully curated a group of experts in Settlement Planning, Financial Planning, Investments, Insurance, and Small Business Consulting. Together, we continually strive to be a force for change, a source of unwavering support, and a beacon of hope for those who need it most.

Join us in our mission as we continue to create brighter, more secure futures for Injured Plaintiffs and the Trial Attorneys who champion their cause. 

Welcome to ELANA Financial, where stories of triumph begin.


Joseph A. Di Gangi, CFP 

Founder, ELANA Financial

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